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(effective July 1, 2004)
With Amendments approved
25 June 2006
23 June 2012
                                                      ARTICLE I
The name of this association shall be "The  14th Field Artillery Regiment Association, United States Army."
                                                      ARTICLE II
To honor those comrades in arms who have served and to honor those who have given their lives while serving with any unit of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment; and to preserve and strengthen the comradery that has existed while serving with the 14th Field Artillery Regiment.
                                                       ARTICLE III
Membership in this association shall be of five kinds: Annual, Tri-Annual, Associate, Honorary and Life Member.
     ELIGIBILITY: Those who have served honorably as members of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment during its periods of activation are eligible to become members of this Association.
     (a). Annual: An Annual member is a regular or a associate member whose dues are fully paid each year. Delinquent members will be dropped from the active membership rolls three months after expiration of dues and then will be placed on an inactive list; subject to renewal of dues.
     (b). Tri-Annual: A Tri-Annual member is a Regular or Associate member whose dues are fully paid for a three year period. The same renewal process as for annual dues applies.
     (c). Associate: Associate membership may be conferred upon any member of a family of a 14th Field Artillery Veteran, or a person who did not serve in the 14th Field Artillery, but has shown a dedicated interest, or has demostrated support of the Association, and shall be subject to established dues.
      (d). Honorary: Honorary membership may be conferred upon any individual to whom the membership may wish to give special recognition. Recommendations for a person to receive Honorary membership will be forwarded to the Association President and Vice President for approval. Honorary members shall be exempt from paying dues.
      (e). Life: Any Regular or Associate member wishing to become a  Life member may do so by paying the established dues; Any eligible person just joining the Association wishing to become a Life member may do so by paying the established dues. 
                                                          ARTICLE IV
(a). Officers: The officers shall be elected for two year terms.
Vice President
(b). Duties of Officers:
    1. President: The President shall preside at the meetings of the Association. He shall be responsible for the administration of the Association in all functions and undertakings, in accordance with the policies established by the Board of Officers or by the membership in assembled meeting. He shall be the Chairman of the Board of Officers.
    2. Vice President: The Vice President shall perform the duties of the Association President in the absence of that official. In the event of death, resignation or incapacity, the Vice President shall succeed to the office of President and continue in that office until the next election.
    3. Secretary: The Secretary shall be the statistical officer of the Association, responsible for  keeping an up-to-date file of names and addresses of Association members, in coordination with the Association Webmaster. The Secretary shall be responsible for recording and maintaining the minutes of all meetings of the Association, and shall keep a file of all correspondence of the Association. Upon termination of office, the Secretary shall turn over all his files to his successor.
    4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the reception, disbursements and safekeeping of all funds pertaining to the Association, and shall render an annual accounting for the same, which shall be audited and distributed to all members of the Association.  All checks issued by the Treasurer against Association funds must be approved in accordance with Article IX of this Constitution and must be supported by appropriate invoices.  Upon termination of his office, the Treasurer shall turn over to his successor, all association funds, records and files.
    5. Chaplain: The Chaplain shall conduct the devotional and memorial services at the meetings and reunions of the Association and perform the usual duties of Chaplain of a Veteran's organization.
    6. Webmaster: The Association Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association website. He is responsible for content, design, writing/editing and maintaining the website information in an up-to-date status.
     7. Quartermaster: The Quartermaster's duties are to acquire and maintain an inventory of supplies and memorabilia for resale to the membership.
(c) Elections: All Association Officers shall be elected for two year terms at the Bi-Annual business meeting held at the Association's Bi-Annual Reunion. In the event that there is no Bi-Annual Reunion, the Bi-Annual election shall be conducted by mail in a manner determined by the Secretary. Elected Officers may serve successive terms of office, if  nominated by the membership and elected by majority vote of the membership.
(d) Voting: Each Regular and Associate  member in good standing , and Life members shall be entitled to one vote. Honorary members are not entitled to vote. Members present at the Bi-Annual Reunion shall comprise the Association membership. The term "member in good standing" shall mean members whose Association dues are paid up-to-date.
(e) Fiscal Period: For the purpose of accounting for receipts and expenditures of the Association, the fiscal year ends on December 31st of each year.
(f) Inability of Elected Officers to Carry Out Duties: In case of the inability of Elected Officers to carry out the duties of his office, the Association President may appont a member of the Association to fill the un-expired term of such Elected Officer.
                                                           ARTICLE V
                                                    Dues and Contributions
(a), Dues: Annual dues are $25.00 per year; tri-annual dues are $65.00 for a three year period and Life membership requires a one time payment of $150.00. Life membership for those 75 years of age or older requires a one time payment of $75.00. Honorary members are exempt from membership dues. Membership dues are subject to change based upon economic factors. If membership dues must be changed, the membership will be notified of such change a minimum of six months in advance as to when the change will be effective. Membership dues are not tax deductible.
(b) Contributions: Any member of the Association may make contributions to the Association and may indicate in connection therewith the exact purpose for which the contribution may be used, and if the purpose is so designated by the contributor, said contribution may not be used for any other purpose without the consent of the contributor. All contributions shall be separately accounted for and recorded in the annual report of the Treasurer.
                                                           ARTICLE VI
                                                    Emblem and Crest
The emblem and the crest of the Association shall be as those adopted by the United States Army, as the 14th Field Artillery Regiment emblem and the 14th Field Artillery Regiment Distinctive Unit Insignia (the Warbonnet Crest).
                                                           ARTICLE VII
                                               Bi-Annual Reunions and Meetings
The place of the next bi-annual reunion/meeting shall be determined by majority vote of those entitled to vote at the bi-annual reunion/meeting. In the event a reunion/meeting place cannot be determined at the bi-annual reunion/meeting, the decision shall be made by majority vote of the Officers of the Association, or by the President if no majority can be obtained.
                                                            ARTICLE  VIII
The Headquarters of the Association shall be deemed to be the city in which the Association Treasurer lives.
                                                             ARTICLE IX
Expenditures of Association Funds
    (a) Expenditures of $300.00 or more must be approved by the Association President and by  majority vote of the Association Finance Committee, composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Association.
    (b)  All other expenditures must be approved by the President; however, a vote is required if requested by any member of the Committee. Voting under this section will follow the procedures in Section (a) above. A request for vote may be made in person  at a meeting of the Committee, of the Association Officers, or of the Association, or by  electronic mail addressed to all members of the committee.
    (c)  Votes may be cast in person at a meeting of the committee, of the Association officers, or of the Association, or by electronic mail addressed to all the members of the Committee, or  a combination of a meeting and electronic mail. In the event a member holds more than one of the committee positions, he will have only one vote, and the total number of  members for determining a quorum and a majority will be reduced accordingly.
    (d)  A quorum for voting under this article is a majority of the Committee, and voting may be concluded as soon as that number of officers have voted.
                                                              ARTICLE X
The Constitution may be amended in either of two ways:
     (a). By two-thirds majority votes cast at a bi-annual reunion/meeting in conformity with Article IV of the Constitution.
     (b). By two-thirds majority votes cast when a proposed amendment is submitted to Active Members for a mail vote, including when feasible, electronically transmitted proposals and votes by those members having such a capability.
Amendments may be proposed by any Active member. The proposed amendment shall be forwarded to the Association Secretary, who shall present it to the President and Vice President of the Association for consideration of favorable or unfavorable recommendation at the bi-annual reunion/meeting or to be voted upon using a combination of electronic and U.S. Postal Service mail.
Upon dissolution or cessation of existence, all historical materials in the custody of the Secretary shall be turned over to an active duty unit of the 14th Field Artillery which exists at the time. Should there be no  active duty unit the aforementioned shall be deposited  with the U.S. Army Military History Institute.
After payment of all just debts all other assets shall be distributed to other veteran's organizations as determined at the time.