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30 November 2014: Click here to see a Forum entry from Ben Youmans looking for information about a battle near Dak Seang in April 1970.

21 November 2014: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment held it's Dining Out in Lawton, OK.

During the event, Roger Bernardi was reinstalled as Honorary Colonel of the Regiment. David Laukat, accompanied by his wife Debbie, was reinstalled as Honorary Command Sergeant Major of the Regiment.

Clem Smiley was recognized for his outstanding service and contributions to the Regiment and has been designated a Distinguished Member of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment by the Secretary of the Army.

David Termin was the guest speaker for the evening. He spoke about how Soldiers' experiences in the Army give them the skills and tools to succeed in their lives after the Army.

Jerry and Shirley Goos also attended the event.

4 November 2014: Veterans Day is next Tuesday, 11 November. Several national and regional restaurant chains are offering free meals or coffee to Veterans on Veterans Day. Click here to see a list of participating restaurants (courtesy of David Laukat), and click here for a second list (courtesy of Dennis Proulx).

2 November 2014: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment "Steel Warrior" invite members of the Association to attend a Dining Out in Lawton on 21 November.

Tickets are $40.00 per person. RSVP to 2LT Rebecca Espinosa, Battalion S-1, NLT 7 November. 2LT Espinosa can be reached at 972-603-5545 (cell) or 580-442-2158 (work).


1 November 2014: Several Buddy Search requests have been added to the Buddy Search page.
  • Jim McCormack, HHB 2-14FA, 1968-70
  • John Berkoben, D Btry 1-14FA, 1970-71
  • Gerald ("Jerry") Meek, A Btry 6-14FA, 1969-71

25 September 2014: David Laukat has a new e-mail address: americalvet@cox.net .

15 July 2014: Donnie Scarbough from Seminary, MS, served as a Recon Sergeant with A Battery 1st Battalion in Vietnam from October 1967 to January 1968. He is seeking information regarding a mission in which he was airlifted into 3 LZ (or LZ 3) while serving under 1LT Howard Snyder. Donnie needs the information for a PTSD claim with the VA. If you recall any details regarding the mission, please contact Lawrence Austin at laustin@netdoor.com.

3 July 2014: The Association welcomes Art Sipes as a Life Member.

15 June 2014: An article about 1-14 FA's recent certification field exercise has been posted to the Steel Warriors page.

6 June 2014: Clarence Marrs' new e-mail address is clarencemarrs1947@gmail.com .

30 May 2014: Clem Smiley's new e-mail address is clem.smiley@yahoo.com .

26 May 2014: See Aaron Foster's request for information regarding Larry Kesler, KIA 25 June 1966, on the Buddy Search page .

19 May 2014: Joe Blackwell has new contact information. See the Active Members page.

9 May 2014: Clyde Boykin has renewed his Annual Membership.

5 May 2014: See Gary Berry's request for information on the Buddy Search page .

15 April 2014: The Association welcomes Alex Reid and Steve ("Doc") Weishaar as Annual Members.

17 March 2014: John Carter provided a photo of Bob Hamilton's Retirement Ceremony in 1990. See the 6th Battalion Reflections page.

9 March 2014: The Association welcomes Anthony Ciociola as a new Annual Member.

6 - 9  March 2014: The Association conducted the 2014 Reunion at San Antonio, Texas.

27 February 2014: The Association welcomes Einar Tyvela as our newest Life Member.

21 January 2014: Dedication and Tribute to the Vietnam Veteran.
(Provided by Rex Weaver)


06 January 2014: Gary Patton is the Association's newest Life Member, upgrading his membership from Annual Member.