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SITE UPDATES: If your Email address, mailing address, or phone number changes, please let us know so we can keep the Association roster up to date.

If you are a first time visitor to the site and you want to be added to the roster (even if you wish not to become an active member), all it takes is an email from you. The information you want to appear with your name on the roster is up to you.

If there is something you would like to see appear on this site, all it takes is an email or a phone call.

"0240h 30 Jan 1968. Incoming mortars. Coordinates
BT 548013. 1 WIA from C Battery 1/14FA"
This notice is posted in the Forum. If you have information regarding the incident, please reply in the Forum or contact Association Secretary, Bob Sorensen by e-mail: himaltrekker@bresnan.net . 

15 April 2014: The Association welcomes Alex Reid and Steve ("Doc") Weishaar as Annual Members.

17 March 2014: John Carter provided a photo of Bob Hamilton's Retirement Ceremony in 1990. See the 6th Battalion Reflections page.

9 March 2014: The Association welcomes Anthony Ciociola as a new Annual Member.

6 - 9  March 2014: The Association conducted the 2014 Reunion at San Antonio, Texas.

27 February 2014: The Association welcomes Einar Tyvela as our newest Life Member.

21 January 2014: Dedication and Tribute to the Vietnam Veteran.
(Provided by Rex Weaver)


06 January 2014: Gary Patton is the Association's newest Life Member, upgrading his membership from Annual Member.

20 December 2013: James ("Jim") Marlow has joined the Association as our newest Life Member. Welcome, Jim!

11 December 2013: Al Dingman, Life Member, is requesting information from Association Members:
Are there any members of the Regiment who have been diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis? I have been diagnosed with PLS. I've read there is an unexplainable number of Veterans currently being diagnosed with these MNDs over the general population (those who didn't serve.) The VA now recognizes PLS, being that it is considered a rare form of ALS. I've done the civilian route for 3.5 years now. I haven't filed my claim with the VA yet. I'm hoping the VA will accept the diagnosis of my civilian Neurologists. My question is... has anybody service connected PLS or ALS with just their civilian doctors diagnosis? Did the VA require you see their "medicate don't compensate" doctors also?
If you, or anyone you know, can assist Al, please reply to his request on the Forum Page, or contact him at clearwateral@northstate.net

06 December 2013: REUNION 2014 UPDATE — Registration for the 2014 Reunion is now open. The Reunion will be held in San Antonio, Texas, 6-9 March 2014. Find the Registration Form and schedule of events on the Reunion 2014 page.

29 November 2013: Thanksgiving greetings from LTC JP Maddaloni, Commander, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery and the Steel Warriors who are deployed to Southwest Asia. We send our thanks to the Battalion and their Families for all they do for the rest of us. We ask God's blessings to keep them safe.


13 November 2013: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member, Stewart Ridgeway, 1st Battalion.
17 October 2013: Clem Smiley has a new e-mail address — csmiley@rhinowimax.com
10 September 2013: The Association welcomes John Large, 6th Battalion, as a new Tri-Annual Member.
12 August 2013: Go to the Buddy Search page for a message from Larry Carter, HHB 1st Battalion, 1969-70.
10 August 2013: The Association is saddened to learn of the passing of John R. Sartain, Jr., a Life Member since 2008. John served with Charlie Battery, 1st Battalion, from September 1967 until September 1968. We send our thoughts, prayers, and condolences to John's family.
31 July 2013: A Buddy Search request regarding Wilfred Small, B & C Batteries, 6th Battalion, 1972-73, has been posted to the Buddy Search page.
15 July 2013: The Association welcomes our newest member, Charlie Wright, 6th Battalion.
13 July 2013: Anyone who served with William "Bill" Shiveley in C Battery, 6-14 FA, 1968-69, is asked to contact his daughter, Candice, at candiland71500@yahoo.com .

21 June 2013: From James Hughes —  "Does anyone have any information about Col. Scribner 4/14 Commander at Ft. Sill around 1970-1971. Also 1st Lt Bill Cheek was the FDO in the Battery that I was the EX in." Please contact James at skiphughes172@bellsouth.net.
28 May 2013: Click here for the May edition of the Steel Warriors Newsletter news from 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery.
22 May 2013: Joe Goeke, Association Chaplain, has offered a prayer for the victims of the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. See the Chaplain's Corner.

18 May 2013: Armed Forces Day.

A tribute to the brave members of our Armed Forces, past and present, who throughout the years have sacrificed to preserve our freedoms.

As we observe
Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day,
thank you for your dedication and service to our country.

05 May 2013: Several members have asked about contact information for John Lamerson. We have received updated information for John posted on the Active Members page.
01 May 2013: Click here for the latest edition of the Steel Warriors Newsletter with news from the Soldiers and Families of the 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery.
29 April 2013: See the Buddy Search page for a note from Chris Jensen regarding a sapper attack on B 1-14 FA at Kham Duc in August 1970
13 April 2013:  Chapter 32-50 of the Special Forces Association held its monthly meeting in the 1-14 FA Regimental Room. The 1-14 FA Commander, LTC Jon Paul Maddaloni, was presented with several items and a certificate by the chapter president. The battalion has allowed the chapter to hold its April meetings at the unit for the past 3 years. An additional picture is included that shows both MSG Matt Dorman and myself with Frank Richard and Richard Kleckner in their WWII airborne garb & RVN jungle fatigues.




11 April 2013: 1-14 FA held a battalion deployment ceremony at the Reinhart Gym. Alpha Battery, Bravo Battery, elements of HQ Battery, and the 578th Maintenance Company left for the UAE for an expected 9 month tour for international training purposes.
04 April 2013: The Soldiers of 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment will conduct a Deployment Ceremony on 11 April at 1400 at Rinehart Gym, Fort Sill.
04 April 2013: The Association received the following request for information from James Washington:
"Looking for my buddies from A Btry 6/14 1968-1969 in Pleidjereng,in the Central Highlands. We were on the 8 inch gun,The Atey 8. Looking for Pfc Barker,Pfc Rice,andPfc Brown.We were the gun crew on the big Gun. Sgt. Maldonado is gone home. If anyone has any information on these soldiers,contact SFC James Washington, Retired at sawwtoothe@aol.com.All the guys were from Chicago,Illinois area."
24 March 2013: We have added a new page for sharing pictures from the Branson Reunion in June 2012. If you have pictures to share, please send them to termind@verizon.net.

17 March 2013: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member, George Cressman, 1st Battalion.
17 March 2013: If you have pictures from the 2012 Branson Reunion to share on the website, send them to the Web Master, termind@verizon.net.
27 February 2013: LTC Jon Paul Maddaloni assumes command of 1st Battalion at Fort Sill. David Laukat and Clem Smiley represented the Association at the ceremony. Pictures of the ceremony are on the Steel Warriors page.
21 February 2013: Received the following request for information from Larry Gates:
My name is Larry Gates and I am looking for my infantry company's FO, 1st LT Graham Allen (Atlanta GA). He served with me in Co C, 5th/46th Inf Bn, 198th BDE, Americal Division (Chu Lai) during January/February 1971. He would probably remember me as 'lg'. We were in a fire-fight together while on a benign water patrol. He may be able to help me with a VA claim. His RTOs were Marcus Lutz and Don Garcia. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of these men, please let me know.
Contact Larry at larrygates@midco.net if you can help getting him in touch with any or all of these people.

10 February 2013: Bob Bruce, who served with 6th Battalion Sep 1966 - 1967, recently returned to the Pleiku area. He has provided a very interesting report on his visit. Read his "Return to Pleiku" article here.
09 February 2013: If anyone has contact with, or a current e-mail address for John Lamerson, please contact Roy Huff.
14 January 2013: The Association is saddened to hear of the passing of one of our members, John Eno, on 30 December near Waukon, Indiana. Please remember John and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
04 January 2013: The Association welcomes Gary Patton, 6th Battalion as a new Annual Member.
03 November 2012: Applebee's Restaurants have announced their annual salute to veterans. On Veterans' Day, Sunday 11 November, all active duty military members and all veterans will eat free.
26 October 2012: David Arras, 2nd Battalion, is the Association's newest Life Member. Welcome David!
8 October 2012: The Association welcomes Mike Hadfield, 1st Battalion, as a new Annual Member.
8 October 2012: ATTENTION AMERICAL DIVISION VETERANS. David Daniels who served with Bravo Company, 1/52nd Infantry, 198th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division in Vietnam during 1970, is trying to identify a picture of SP4 Anibel Lozada-Wichy. SP4 Lozada-Wichy, assigned to D Battery, 1-14 Field Artillery, was killed in action on 13 October 1970 along with Lt Lawrence Sullivan attached to 1/52 Infantry. If you recognize either of the men shown below as SP4 Lozada-Wichy, please contact David at dasajame@catt.com .


24 August 2012: David Laukat attended live fire training by 2-5 FA (1-14 FA's sister battalion) at Fort Sill. Photos are posted on the Steel Warriors page.
23 August 2012: Wolfgang Fleischer, 6th Battalion, is our newest Life Member.
13 August 2012: The Association's letter of sympathy sent to the family of Hank Sanders.


03 August 2012: The Association has learned of the passing of Hank Sanders on 30 July. Hank was a Vietnam Veteran, serving with 6th Battalion, 14th Field Artillery Regiment. He served the Association as it's Chaplain. His brother, Jasper, is an Association member. We extend our condolences to Jasper and all of Hank's family.
01 August 2012: On behalf of the Association, Rex Weaver presented a check to Central Texas College to honor the memory of our late colleague, and past Association President, Charlie Maldonado. A scholarship to a deserving military family member or active duty Soldier will be given in Charlie's name.


28 June 2012: Two new members joined the Association during the Reunion:
— Samuel Anderson, 1st Battalion, Life Member
— Leonard Gilliam, 14th Armored Field Artilery Battalion. Leonard is an Honorary Member as a World War II veteran of the Regiment.
23 June 2012: Items of interest from the Biannual Business Meeting of the Association:
   Officers for 2012 - 2014
   President: Rex Weaver
   Vice President: Geoff Buhlig
   Secretary: Bob Sorensen
   Treasurer: Roy Huff
   Quartermaster: Clarence Marrs
   Chaplain: Joe Goeke
   Webmaster: David Termin
   The 2014 Reunion will be held in
   New Orleans, LA.
   The 2016 Reunion, in conjunction with
   the 100th Anniversary of the Regiment,
   will be held in Fort Sill, OK.
   The position of Webmaster has been
   changed to an elected officer position.
21-24 June 2012: The 2012 Reunion of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association was held in Branson, MO. 80 members, wives, and guests, and 40 Soldiers and wives from 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery attended the gathering.
14 June 2012: Assumption of Command ceremony for 1st Battlalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment will be conducted at Fort Sill on 27 June. 


12 June 2012: The Association welcomes our newest member, Joe F. Gomez, 6th Battalion.
22 May 2012: Second Lieutenant Tobias C. Alexander, A Battery, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery, was killed in action in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan on 20 May 2012. Captain Jesse A. Ozbat, assigned to the 214th Fires Brigade, was killed in the same incident. The Association sends our condolences and prayers to the families of these brave Soldiers.
A Memorial Service for 2LT Alexander will be held on Thursday, 24 May at 1000 hours at Sheridan Theater, Fort Sill.
26 Apr 2012: Kermit Davis, C Battery 6th Battalion at An-khe in 1965, has contacted the Association through his granddaughter. Please see the Buddy Search page.
23 Apr 2012: Homer Spaulding upgraded his membership to Tri Annual.
23 Apr 2012. We now have 62 people registered for the Reunion in Branson, MO, 21-24 June. Go to the Reunion 2012 page to sign up.
18 Apr 2012: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member, Neal Thompson, 6th Battalion.
14 Apr 2012: Pictures from the Chapter 32, Special Forces Association meeting, hosted by 1st Batttalion, are posted on the Regimental Moments page.
11 Apr 2012: Beware of Scam Letter. Several sources, including Military.com, are reporting:
"A letter is making the circuit purporting to be from the Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) asking military member's fiancées to register in the system entitling them to benefits in the event of the member's death. All for only a $350 fee. This is not a genuine DFAS letter -- it is a scam. The letter is a typical scam phishers use to try and obtain your personal information and, in this case, money. DFAS will never send unsolicited e-mail messages with attachments"

09 April 2012: A Letter of Commendation to B Battery, 6th Battalion, in September 1968 is posted on the 6th Battalion Reflections page.
07 April 2012: The Association welcomes our newest member, Dale Breckon, 6th Battalion.
01 Apr 2012: REUNION HOTEL UPDATE: The deadline for room reservations at the Reunion hotel is 14 May. Rooms for the Reunion are guaranteed to be available until that day. Rooms reserveed after 14 May rooms will be on a space available basis. MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW. Details are on the Reunion 2012 page.
28 Mar 2012: We are pleased to introduce our newest members:
      Alan "Al" Dingman, 6th Battalion, Life Member
     John Balasko, 6th Battalion, Life Member
     John Domina, 5th Battalion, Annual Member
     Alan Reed, 2nd Battalion, Annual Member
Welcome All!
10 Mar 2012: New Red and Blue 14th Field Artillery polo shirts are available at the QM Store.
07 Mar 2012: We welcome our newest Tri-Annual Member, John Kupillas, 6th Battalion.
17 Feb 2012: The Association has learned of the passing of Tom Polo on 22 Nov 2008.
11 Feb 2012: We welcome three new members to the Association:
Eric Kroah, 2nd Battalion, Life Member
    Loma Allen, 2nd Battalion, Life Member
    Robert (Bob) Bruce 6th Battalion, Tri Annual Member
08 Feb 2012: Rick Brown, 6th Battalion, joins the Association and will be attending the Reunion in June.
31 Jan 2012: The Association welcomes Robert Jones, 6th Battalion, as our newest Life Member.
05 Jan 2012: REGISTRATION FOR THE 2012 REUNION IS NOW OPEN. Join us in Branson, MO, 21-24 June 2012. Registration forms are available on the Reunion 2012 page.

20 Dec 2011: We are pleased to welcome our newest annual member, Jerry Del Pino, 1st Battalion.

20 Dec 2011: A picture of the 14th Field Artillery in Normandy in 1944 has been added to the 4th Battalion Page.

16 Dec 2011: Charlie ("Tuna") Sandross passed away on 12 Dec. Charlie was assigned to the B/6-14 FA FDC at Ben Het in 1969-70. Services will be held 19 Dec at 1100hrs at the Windwood Presbyterian Church, 10555 Spring Cyprus Rd in Houston, TX.

The Association sends our condolences to his wife, Faith, and family.

02 Dec 2011: Services for Charlie Maldonado were held at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, TX. David Laukat, Roy Huff, and Clem Smiley represented the Association.

Also, a fitting tribute to Charlie is on the 6/14 Arty site at http://www.614arty.org. Patrick Kelly invites everyone to pay a visit.

26 Nov 2011: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member, James Chin, 4th Battalion.

26 Nov 2011: Graveside services for Charlie Maldonado will be held at 1400 hours on Friday, 2 December 2011, at the 
Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, TX.

20 Nov 2011:


15 Nov 2011: A request received from Kim Scales, Decatur, AL:

"I am looking for anyone who knew my uncle Douglas Everett Boyd, from Corinth, MS. Died 10/08/1970 in Chu Lai, Quang Tin Province, South Vietnam. He was with HHB 1st Battalion 14th Artillery. Any information, pictures, anything would be greatly appreciated. I really don't know anything about him, and have only ever seen 1 or 2 pictures.

"Thank you for any help you can give me."

Kim Scales

11 Nov 2011: Announcement for the 214th Fires ("Leaders") Brigade Holiday Run/Walk on 23 Nov at Fort Sill.


03 Nov 2011: Several news articles regarding the Soldiers of 1-14 FAR are posted on the Steel Warriors page

You qualify for a higher social security payment because of your Military service, for active duty any time from 1957 through 2001 (the program was done away with 1 January 2002). Up to $1200 per year of earnings credit credited at time of application - which can make a substantial difference in social security monthly payments upon your retirement. You must bring your DD-214 to the Social Security Office and you must ask for this benefit to receive it!

Soc Sec website:
It is NOT just for retirees, BUT anyone who has served on active duty between 1 January 1957 to December 31, 2001.
17 Aug 2011: Two 1st Battalion events at Fort Sill -- B Battery Change of Command ceremony and C Battery deactivation. Pictures are posted on the Steel Warriors page.

07 Aug 2011: Neal Schwartz has provided an article from 1968 regarding the 4th Battalion Change of Command ceremony. See the 4th Battalion page.

31 Jul 2011: Pictures from Vietnam provided by Joe LaPorte have been posted to the 6th Battalion Reflections page.

25 Jul 2011: An invitation from the Soldiers of Bravo and Charlie Batteries, 1st Battalion, to the Association:


14 Jul 2011: Articles about activities by 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Soldiers at Fort Sill have been posted to the Steel Warriors page

20 Jun 2011: Photos of 2nd Battalion's move from Montieth Barracks to Merrill Barracks in 1968 have been posted to the 2nd Battalion Reflections page.

09 Jun 2011: The Association has received word that Sherman Loy passed away. We send our condolences and prayers to Sherman's family.

04 Jun 2011: Charlie Battery, 1-14 FA is having their annual reunion in Billings, Montana, 23-25 June. Point of contact is Clarence Marrs, Association Vice President, at 918-839-9299 or 918-647-5782.

08 May 2011: We have a new source for regimental patches. 
Campaign Casuals has created a patch for the 14th Field Artillery Regiment. For ordering information, visit the  Campaign Casuals website and type in "14th Field Artillery" in the search field. 

23 Apr 2011: We're on Facebook! Click here to visit the 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association Facebook page. While you're there, click "Like" to receive all future announcements on our Facebook page.

13 Apr 2011: Jimmie Frazier, a former member of Charlie Battery, 1st Battalion, 14th Field Artillery, passed away on 12 April in Springfield, MO. Jimmie will be honored at a graveside service at the Missouri Veterans Cemetery in Springfield. The date of the ceremony has not been announced. If you are interested in attending you may contact Jimmie's daughter Jaimie at jaimiefrazier@yahoo.com or by calling her at 417-766-4945. An obituary will be published on the Springfield News-Leader website, www.news-leader.com.

The Association sends its condolences and prayers to Jaimie and Jimmie's family.

24 Mar 2011: Alpha and Charlie Batteries, 1-14 FA have completed extensive training at Fort Bliss, Texas, and have returned to Fort Sill. LTC Rob Picht, Battalion Commander, reports:

"We’ve safely returned from our off post training event at Fort Bliss and just completed our Recovery inspections.  It was a great training opportunity for the Steel Warriors; CSM Carr and I are very proud of the performance put forth by the Steel Warriors.  It was truly a team effort.  During our training at Fort Bliss we drove over 1400 miles (which included the convoy to/from Fort Sill-Bliss) conducting 16 ranges, which included small arms, machine gun and convoy live fire ranges and fired over 200,000 rounds of blank and live ammunition.  We also fired 36 reduced range practice rockets (RRPR) as part of Artillery Table certifications with Alpha and Charlie Battery."

See articles from the Fort Sill Cannoneer on the Steel Warriors page.

10 Mar 2011: The 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association website has been selected as one of 20 patriotic websites by VA Home Loans.

08 Feb 2011: The Association sends condolences to the family of Charlie Winter. Mr. Winter served with 14th Armored Field Artillery, 2nd Armored Division, in Germany from 1951 to 1953. His biography is at http://www.aggienetwork.com/Posts/ViewPost.aspx?postId=6oIEEhmB9Mk%3d.

28 Jan 2011: David and Debbie Laukat represented the Association at the 214th Fires Brigade St. Barbara's Day Ball at Fort Sill. Picture are on the Steel Warriors page.

26 Jan 2011: Bob Lund provided a picture from the 1st Cav reunion in June 2010. Go to the Regimental Moments page.

24 Jan 2011: A message from John Mendyk:

Hi, My name is John Mendyk and I served in Viet Nam Feb.67, Feb.68 I was the #2 man in the 1st gun section (175 ) Battery A 14th Artillery 1st Field Forces. Looking for my old buddies Pat Burke,  Sgt. Dillard, James Northern, Johnny Cagle and any the guys that may have served with me. Capt. Miller was our 2nd LT. and I will never forget the Tet when we shot direct fire. Hope all is well with all my old friends.

John Mendyk

16 Jan 2011: A message from John Ziska:

I am searching for a photograph(s) and anyone who may have served with and additional information for PFC Richard Edward Tamer, C Btry, 6th Bn, 14th Artillery, 52 Arty Group, I Field Force, USARV, KIA 5/21/1969.
Richard Tamer was the guitar player in my high school band (Parma Senior High School) in 1963.
FYI - I served in the 19th Engineer (Combat) Battalion, 18th Brigade, 45th Group in Qui Nhon & Bong Son, Viet-Nam. My time was Sept 1966 - Sept 1967.
I was one of the fortunate who returned  home.
Any help or assistance you can provide would be greatly be appreciated.
Welcome Home !!!
Best regards,
John C. Ziska
E-Mail: johnz442@oh.rr.com
440-781-0456 Cell

3 Jan 2011: The Association has received the following message from William Van Cook:

My brother 2nd Lt Donald Van Cook C Bat 6th Btln 14th FA was killed on June 4 1969, apparently by rocket or mortar fire. I am looking to correspond with anyone who knew Donald and can shed any light on his time in VietNam. 
Thank you all for your service."

23 Dec 2010: We are saddened to learn of the passing of Clarence A. ("Fred") Lohr on 20 Dec. Fred served with Charlie Battery, 1st Battalion in Vietnam from July 1969 until July 1970. The Association sends our condolences to Fred's wife, Sara, and his family.

18 Nov 2010: Billy Dean Ballard has new contact information.

11 Nov 2010: We are pleased to welcome Francisco Tapia , 6th Battalion, as our newest Life Member.

29 Sep 2010: John Whitney, 1st Battalion has joined the Association as our newest Life Member. Welcome John!

26 Sep 2010: New e-mail address for Craig Harris: craigharris@mchsi.com.

18 Sep 2010: The site has been updated with a few historical items on the "Where We've Been" page, and an article and photos from a recent B Battery, 1-14FA live fire exercise on the "Steel Warriors" page.

10 Sep 2010: The Association has learned of the passing of Franklin E. Bower, a member of the 14th Field Artillery assigned to the 2nd Armored Division in World War II. We send our condolences to Mr. Bower's family. We appreciate the service of the World War II generation of 14th Field Artillery Soldiers. We are honored to be associated with these men.

05 Sep 2010: New e-mail address for Hank Sanders:

20 Aug 2010: A new page telling the history of Fort Sill has been added to the web site. Go to the History of Fort Sill page.

18 Aug 2010: The Association welcomes two new Life Members:

- Clifford D. (Don) Clay, 1st Battalion
- John R. Williams, 3rd Battalion

Welcome Gentlemen!

11 Aug 2010: Troops returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan are greeted by former President and Mrs. Bush at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.


08 Jun 2010: Alpha and Charlie Batteries, 1-14FAR return to Fort Sill from Operation Iraqi Freedom. See details and photos on the Steel Warriors page.
01 Jun 2010: NEW ITEM IN THE QM STORE. A larger lapel pin is available in antique finish. See the QM Store page for details.
19 May 2010: As of today, 50 people will be attending the Reunion in San Antonio 17-20 Jun. See the Reunion Page for the list of attendees. There's still time to sign up and enjoy a great time with your friends. 
19 May 2010: James Scott has upgraded his membership to Life Member. Welcome James!
04 May 2010: An article about 1st Battalion's transition to the HIMARS weapon system can be read on the Steel Warriors page.

29 Mar 2010: David McMillian informs us that today, 29 March, is commemorated as Vietnam Veterans Day in the State of New York. Congratulations and Thank You to all Vietnam Veterans.
25 Mar 2010: REUNION REMINDER: The deadline for Reunion hotel reservations is 17 May. See the Reunion Page for details.
12 Mar 2010: There is an article from the March 4 edition of the Charleston Post and Courier titled "You can leave the military, but it never really leaves you" that should enjoyed by anyone who served 2 years or 35 years. Go to http://bit.ly/bwfvMf. (Provided by Colonel Roger Bernardi)
05 Mar 2010: Billy Dean Ballard, 6th Battalion, is our newest Life Member. Welcome!
21 Feb 2010: Doug Iserman upgraded his membership to Life Member. Thanks, Doug.
19 Feb 2010: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery participated in the annual St. Barbara's Day Ball. Details are posted on the Steel Warriors page.
31 Jan 2010: Donald Miller who served with B Battery 6th Battalion in 1967 and 1968 passed away on 16 Jan. The Association sends our condolences to Don's wife Sharon and his family. Those who knew and served with Don may want to contact Sharon at sharon68@neb.rr.com .
27 Jan 2010: A Memorial Service for PFC Gifford Hurt, C Battery, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment, was conducted at Fort Sill. The program from the service can be viewed on the PFC Hurt Tribute page.
Association member John Eno generously donated $100.00 to the Association's General Fund. Association officers allocated John's donation to assist a member who needs financial help to attend the Reunion in June 2010. If you know of a member who would not otherwise be able to attend the Reunion, please nominate the member to David Laukat [[davidlaukat@cox.net]], Association President. 
21 Jan 2010: PFC Gifford E. Hurt, Jr., C Battery 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment died in the service to his Country near Mosul, Iraq. The Association extends its heartfelt condolences to PFC Hurt's wife and family.
A memorial service for PFC Hurt is tentatively scheduled for Wed, 27 Jan at 1500 at the Frontier Chapel, Fort Sill.

18 Jan 2010: You can register now for the Association's 2010 Reunion to be held in San Antonio, Texas, 17-20 June. Hotel information, activites, and menus are listed on the Reunion 2010 page. Registration Forms can be downloaded and printed from http://davidtermin.com/14fa/Reunion2010/RegistrationForm.pdf.
13 Jan 2010: The Association welcomes Richard Simmerman, 6th Battalion, as an Annual Member.
01 Jan 2010: We start off the New Year with our newest member: Jerome Hearty, 6th Battalion, has joined the Association. Welcome!

25 Dec 09: Christmas pictures from 1-14FAR in Iraq provided by MSG Bret Mellott.

Santa pays a visit to MAJ Crawford and MSG Mellott

Merry Christmas from the Task Force Headquarters

SSG Baker (Alpha Battery) hamming it up with Santa!

Merry Christmas and Godspeed to all of you great Soldiers and your families. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. STEEL WARRIORS LEAD THE WAY!

18 Dec 09: B Battery 1-14 Field Artillery Regiment proudly returned home to Fort Sill today following a year-long deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 14th Field Artillery Association is proud of these Soldiers and we thank them and their families for all they do for us. Welcome Home!!
Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus for B/1-14FA.
01 Dec 09: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member, Frank DeLong. Frank was assigned to MAC-V Team 23 and was a colleague of 1LT G. Tom Kelly, C/6-14 FA, KIA 22 Apr 70.
18 Nov 09: Correction to hotel reservation procedure has been posted on the 2010 Reunion page. The property number is 7003. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE A RESERVATION FOR PROPERTY 7703, CONTACT CHARLES MALDONADO OR ROY HUFF.
17 Nov 09: The Association welcomes Clyde Boykin, 1st Battalion, as a new Annual Member.
03 Nov 09: An important message from the Association President:


02 Nov 09: A written history of Chief Satanta has been posted to the History of Satanta page.
20 Oct 09: Reunion Reservations: Check the 2010 Reunion page for information on how to make your hotel reservation for the Reunion in San Antonio on 17-20 June 2010.
18 Oct 09: Two prominent national restaurant chains have announced campaigns to show appreciation to all current, retired, and former military members.
APPLEBEE'S will offer free meals from a selected menu to honor Veterans Day on 11 November. For details see the promotion on the Applebee's website at http://applebees.com/vetsDay/default.aspx
GOLDEN CORRAL will recognize all past and present military members with a Military Appreciation Monday celebration on 16 November. There restaurant are offering a free "Thank You" dinner from 5:00 to 9:00pm on that day. Go to http://goldencorral.com/military/ for more details.
07 Aug 09: John Bowers, 6th Battalion, has upgraded his membership and is a new Life Member.
29 Jul 09: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment will host an All Ranks Ball on 14 August at the Fort Sill Patriot Club. Association members are invited to attend. See the invitation on the Steel Warriors page.
18 Jul 09: Robert Pinto, 1st Battalion, has joined the Association as a Life Member, and Wolfgang Fleischer, 6th Battalion, has re-uped for another 3 year membership. Welcome!
17 Jul 09: Planning for the 2010 Reunion continues — and there's GOOD NEWS. Hotel room rates for the reunion have been reduced from $115.00 per night to $90.00. See more information regarding the reunion on the 2010 Reunion page.
12 Jul 09: The Association welcomes Jack Hanson as a new Life Member. Jack is the former (and last) CSM for 3rd Battalion.
08 Jul 09: We have added a new page to the site. Visit the History of Satanta page to read about the history of Chief Satanta.
12 Jun 09: The Association welcomes Larry Stovall, 4th Battalion, as a new Life Member.
29 May 09: LTC Geoffrey Buhlig, former Commander, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery is honored during his Retirement Ceremony at Fort Sill, OK. Pictures are on the LTC Buhlig Retirement page.
17 May 09: Joe Moehrle provided 21 pictures of life with the 2nd Battalion in the Nürnburg area and at Grafenwöhr during the 1960s. The pictures are posted on the 2d Bn Reflections page.
11 May 09: HOTEL INFORMATION FOR THE 2010 REUNION is now available on the 2010 Reunion page.
10 May 09: Pictures from the 1-14FAR ARTEP have been posted to the Steel Warriors page.
19 Apr 09: SGT William R. Green, a HIMARS Gunner assigned to B Battery, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment, passed away while returning from leave to duty in Iraq. SGT Green was serving his second tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom having served previously with 1-12 FAR.
SGT Green will be buried near his home in North Carolina. Soidiers from 1-14 FAR will perform Military Honors at the burial.
The Association extends its thoughts and prayers to SGT Green's family and to his fellow Soldiers in B Battery and the Steel Warrior Battalion.
13 Apr 09: LTC Geoffrey Buhlig, former Commander, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery Regiment, will retire from active duty on 1 August 2009. LTC Buhlig will be honored at a Retirement Ceremony on 29 May at Fort Sill.
LTC Buhlig is pictured below with Association President David Laukat.


5 Apr 09: Lloyd Edens joins the Association as a Tri Annual Member. Welcome!
2 Mar 09: The Association welcomes Weston Redmond, 6th Battalion, as a new Annual Member.
11 Feb 09: Mark Korolevich is looking for buddies from 6-14FA at Pinder Barracks in the mid 1970s. Details are on the Buddy Search page.
30 Jan 09: D Battery, 1-14FA is deactivated at Fort Sill. Pictures of the ceremony are on the Steel Warriors page.
20 Jan 09: Gilbert Moreno is looking for members of A Btry, 6-14FA in Vietnam. Details are on the Buddy Search page.
6 Jan 09: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member, Shawn Voigts, 3rd Battalion.
6 Jan 09: The Association welcomes our newest Annual Member, Joe LaPorte, 6th Battalion.

16 Dec 08: A Fort Sill Public Affairs story about the 1-14 FA Volunteer Recognition Ceremony is posted on the Steel Warriors page.
9 Dec 08: Go to http://www.letssaythanks.com for an opportunity to send Thank You notes to Servicemembers stationed overseas. This is a non-commercial site provided by Xerox Corporation.
5 Dec 08: Bravo Battery, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery will deploy to Operation Iraqi Freedom 7-9 Jan 09. As we prepare to celebrate the holidays, let's remember these brave Americans and their families who are preparing to defend our Nation.
24 Nov 08: A few pictures of fellow Artillerymen in combat operations in Afghanistan. Soldiers of C Btry, 3-321 FA engage Taliban insurgents.



These pictures are part of a presentation of Soldiers in action in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley. The presentation can be viewed at http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/11/afghanistans_korengal_valley.html .
Provided by COL Roger Bernardi.
21 Nov 08: Dan Haskins, 3rd Battalion, sent a copy of the cover of the July 1986 edition of Soldiers Magazine. Note the 14th Field Artillery regimental crest is the only one not covered by another crest. It's good to be on top!!


14 Nov 08: An inspiring video from ABC News. (Provided by Charles Maldonado)
30 Oct 08: B Btry, 1-14 FA conducts a live fire exercise. Photos can be viewed on the Steel Warriors page
07 Sep 08: Photos from the 2008 Reunion can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/14faregiment/sets/72157607158062034/
27 Aug 08: Welcome to David Mendenhall, 1st Battalion, as a new Annual Member.
23 Aug 08: The Association welcomes Thomas E. Ellis, 6th Battalion, as our newest Life Member.
21 Aug 08: D Btry, 1-14FA will be returning to Fort Sill from Iraq on 26 Aug.
8 Aug 08: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member — John Sartain, 1st Battalion.
31 Jul 08: H Battery, 26th Field Artillery returned to Fort Sill from Iraq. See details on the Fort Sill Homecoming page
16 Jul 08: LTC Anthony V. Gonzales assumes command of 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery. Details and photos are on the Steel Warriors page.
5 Jul 08: Lawrence Rice, C Btry 6-14 Arty, Ft Sill, 1963-64, is looking for anyone who was assigned to the unit with him. Details on the Buddy Search page.
27-29 Jun 08: The Association held its bi-annual Reunion at Killeen/Fort Hood, Texas. Thanks to Rex and Bobbie Weaver for their hard work in hosting the event. We'll see everybody in San Antonio, Texas at our next Reunion, 24-27 June 2010.
12 June 08: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery conducts its Organization Day. Go to the 1-14FA Organization Day page to see pictures of the event.
4 - 5 Jun 08: 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery successfully certified on the HIMARS weapon system. Photos can be seen on the Steel Warriors page.
May 2008: Veterans of Charlie Battery, 1-14 FA, held their reunion in El Paso, Texas. Several pictures are posted on the Regimental Moments page.
28 May 08: Check the Fort Sill Homecoming page for details about H/26 TAB (1-14 FA) returning to Fort Sill from Iraq over the next few weeks.
10 May 08: Two new Buddy Search requests have been posted. They are from John Callahan and David Meredith. Details are on the Buddy Search page. 
27 Apr 08: We are saddened to learn of the death of Mavis Lamerson on 16 April. Mavis was John Lamerson's wife. We send our condolences and sympathy to John and his family.
23 Apr 08: The Association welcomes CPT Stephen Alley as a Life Member. CPT Alley is Commander, C Battery, 1st Battalion at Fort Sill.
11 Apr 08: Frank Fortuna, 1st Battalion, is a new Annual Member. Welcome Frank!
10 Apr 08: Check out the new Regimental Coffee Mug available on the QM Store page.
31 Mar 08: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member, Dale Englund, 6th Battalion.
29 Feb 08: C Btry, 1-14FA conducted a change of command ceremony. CPT Stephen Alley assumed command from CPT Matt Hammons. Photos can be seen on the Steel Warriors page.
24 Feb 08: Patrick Crocker is looking for anyone who served with 1st Bn, 14th FA during Jul 69 - May 72. Details on the Buddy Search page.
24 Feb 08: The Association welcomes our newest Life Member, Don Long, 2nd and 4th Battalions.
24 Feb 08: NEW REGIMENTAL AND BATTALION WRISTWATCHES are available. See details on the QM Store page.
22 Feb 08: C Battery, 1-14FA Change of Command ceremony will be held on 29 Feb 08. Details on the Steel Warriors page.
21 Feb 08: If anyone knows how to contact David Rowe, PSNCO for 6/14FA at Pinder Barracks 1973-76, please contact Mike Standifur at standifur3@yahoo.com.
15 Feb 08: The Association has received an inquiry regarding the death of LT Donald F. Van Cook, Jr., C Btry 6/14 FA, killed in action on 4 June 1969. Please see the Buddy Search page for details.
10 Feb 08: We welcome our newest member, Jasper O. Sanders, 1st Battalion.
02 Feb 08: Harold ("Doc") Nobile is looking for Buddies from 1959-61. Details are on the Buddy Search page.
20 Jan 08: NEW REGIMENTAL COIN! The newly designed Regimental Coin is expected to be available in the early Spring. To see our new coin, go to the QM Store page.

07 Dec 07:  SALUTING THE FLAG. Congress has authorized Veterans to salute the flag during the playing of the National Anthem. The Defense Appropriation Act for 2008 includes language giving Veterans the option to salute the flag or to place their right hand over their heart.
30 Nov 07: Ron Stiffler, B Btry 6/14 at Bien Het and Dak To 1968-69, has contacted the Association. See his message on the Buddy Search Page.
12 Nov 07: The Association welcomes Elias Trevino, 6th Battalion, as our newest Life Member.
05 Nov 07: Dave McMillan will be visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial ("The Wall") in Washington, DC on Veterans Day. GEN Colin Powell will be the guest speaker. Dave invites any 14th Field Artillerymen to join him. Contact Dave via e-mail (djm@optonline.net) or by phone (516-541-8956).
26 Sep 07: Alpha Battery 1-14FA returned to Fort Sill following a year's deployment to Iraq. Thank you, Steel Warriors for a job well done.
12 Sep 07: Francisco (Frank) Tapia has contacted the Association. Frank served with Charlie Battery 6-14 FA at Kontum, RVN. See his note on the Buddy Search Page.
1 Sep 07: Charlie Battery, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery returns home to Fort Sill, OK, following a one-year deployment to Iraq. WELCOME HOME STEEL WARRIORS!! Thank you and your families for your great service to our Nation.
30 Aug 07: The Association welcomes our newest Annual Member, James J. King, 2nd Battalion
29 Aug 07: 100 Soldiers from Charlie Battery, 1-14 FA will be returning to Fort Sill on Saturday 1 Sep. Details are on the Fort Sill Homecoming page.
24 Aug 07: The Association welocmes our newest Annual Member, Mark Campbell, 6th Battalion.
17 Jul 07: Watch this video clip. It puts service to country in a truly American perspective. Kaziah Hancock, Great American.
05 Jul 07: We welcome James (Jim) Robinson, 2nd Battalion, as a new Tri Annual member.
16 Jun 07: We received an e-mail from Bill Jones looking for members of HHB 6-14 FA when he was with the unit from July 1969 until August 1970. His e-mail is posted on the Buddy Search page.
11 Jun 07: The 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association Reunion will be held 27-29 June 2008 at Fort Hood, Texas. Start making plans now. Check the site frequently for details to be posted in the very near future.
05 Jun 07: The Association received an e-mail from 1SG Bret Mellott, A Btry 1-14 FA on duty in Iraq. Read his message and see a collage of photos on the Steel Warriors page.
28 May 07: Hale R. Wagner, 6th Battalion, is our newest Annual Member. Welcome!
25 May 07: A group of C Battery, 1-14 FA veterans gathered in Branson, MO, for their sixth reunion. A photo courtesy Clarence Marrs) is posted on the Regimental Moments page
23 May 07: The Association welcomes Joe Kaluhiokalani, 6th Battalion, as a new Life Member.
22 May 07: The Association welcomes Bruce E. Moffitt, 1st Battalion, as a new Life Member.
22 May 07: We've added a "Fort Sill Homecoming" page to our site to announce when 1-14FA Soldiers are returning home from deployments. Check this page regularly. If you live near Fort Sill, or near a major airport, you may be able to help greet the Steel Warriors as they return and thank them for what they and their families do for us.
16 Apr 07: Check out the newest item for sale on the QM Store Page: The new Association ribbon magnet.
11 Apr 07: Pictures from Rex Weaver's 70th birthday are posted on the Regimental Moments page.
31 Mar 07: Joe Blackwell is looking for vets from 1-14FA in Fort Hood from 1961 -1964. Details on the Buddy Search Page. (Note that Joe is talking up the next reunion -- June 2008 at Fort Hood. It's not too early to start making plans...)
26 Mar 07: The Association welcomes Robert Reed (Annual Member), 6th Battalion.
21 Mar 07: Steve Murray is looking for information regarding 1-14 FA from Fort Stewart, GA during the mid to late 1980s. Details on the Buddy Search Page
14 Mar 07: We welcome our newest member: Joseph C. Blackwell (Life Member), 1st Battalion.
13 Mar 07: Alan Watson is looking for buddies from A Btry 6-14 at Pinder Barracks. Details are on the Buddy Search page.
04 Mar 07: We welcome Kenneth R. Kruse as a Tri Annual Member.
03 Feb 07: A letter to the Association from Gisela Hamilton.


21 Jan 07: Welcome to our newest member:
CPT Bill McLin (Life Member).
[NOTE: CPT McLin commands B Btry 1-14 FA in Afghanistan.]
16 Jan 07: An update from Bravo Battery, 1-14 FA ("Blackhorse") on duty in Afghanistan and Iraq with pictures from Afghanistan. Go to the Steel Warriors Page.
02 Jan 07: Rick Patrick, HHB 6-14 FA, 1975-78, has contacted the Association. Details on the Buddy Search Page.
18 Dec 06: CSM D.R. "Bob" Hamilton, founding president of the Association, is laid to rest with full military honors at Fort Sill National Cemetary.




MG David Ralston presents the colors to Mrs. Gisela Hamilton on behalf of a grateful Nation.

Memorial donations in Bob's name may be sent to:
The American Cancer Society
1320 NW Homestead Drive
Lawton, OK 73505.
Go to our Forum/Guestbook Page to write condolences and memories. Press the 'Reply' button to record your thoughts. We will compile all your notes to give to Gisi in the near future.

28 Nov 06: Hank Sanders is drumming up support for Care packages to the Troops in an effort sponsored by his church. Details on the Forum / Guestbook page.
27 Nov 06: Allen Ham has renewed his membership.
23 Nov 06: Thanksgiving brings Roger Bernardi, Jim Radford, and David Termin together in Springfield, VA. (See photo on the Regimental Moments page.)
18 Oct 06: Photo added to 6th Bn Reflections page.
05 Oct 06: Welcome to our newest member: Glenn Palmer (Associate Annual Member).
02 Oct 06: 120 soldiers from Alpha Battery, 1-14FA recently participated in a departure ceremony at Fort Sill. The Steel Warriors will soon be headed for Iraq. Our best wishes go with them. God speed and a safe return.

27 Sep 06: Glenn Palmer, B Btry 6-14 FA 1969-70, has contacted the Association. His e-mail message is posted on the Buddy Search page.
04 Sep 06: CSM (Ret) Bob Hamilton was recognized in a ceremony at the 14th Field Artillery Regimental Room, 1-14 FA, Fort Sill, OK.
MG David Ralston, Field Artillery Center and Fort Sill Commanding General recognized CSM Hamilton's lifelong loyalty to the U.S. Army and his dedication to the 14th Field Artillery Regiment.
The ceremony was hosted by LTC Geoffrey P. Buhlig, Commander 1-14 FA, and CSM Andrew Warren, Command Sergeant Major 1-14 FA.
COL (Ret) Roger Bernardi, Honorary Colonel of the Regiment, called into the ceremony to offer his congratulations to CSM Hamilton. Other 14th Field Artillery Regimental Association members participating in the ceremony were David Laukat, Tom Rezentes, and Dave Termin.
01 Sep 06: New Webmaster. David Termin is the new webmaster for our Association website. David ('Dave') served in the 6th Battalion at Pinder Barracks from 1977 - 1981.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the site, or if you have pictures that will help the site paint the picture of our history, contact Dave via e-mail at termind@verizon.net.

Many thanks to CSM Bob Hamilton for creating and maintaining the site. It is an important part of the Association. The site would not be an informative and useful tool without Bob's hard work.
23 Aug 06: Charles Maldonado, Association President, appointed CSM (Ret) David Laukat to become the Association Vice President. David lives in Oklahoma City, OK, and served with 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery. He will serve as Vice President until the next scheduled election of officers.

22 Aug 06: Photos added of B Btry, to 1st Bn Relections page, courtesy of Jack Mutchler.
16 Aug 06: D.R. (Bob) Hamilton resigned as president of the association, due to failing health. Charles Maldonado (Vice President) became President of the Association the same date and shall serve in that capacity until the next scheduled election of officers.
27 July 06: There are over 300 images/photos on the website. If you are not using high speed internet service, be patient, it will take some time for the photos to load.
26 July 06: Registry of the American Soldier: "Soldiers past and present now have a unique opportunity to tell their stories. A web based registry managed by the Army Historical Foundation pays tribute to the service and sacrifice of U.S. Army Soldiers from 1775 to present.
     Current Soldiers and Army Veterans can enroll in the registry by visiting the web site, www.armyhistory.org  . Spouses, parents, children and friends also can enroll current and former Soldiers, including deceased Army Veterans. Enrollment is free. To date, the names and service histories of more than 14,000 Soldiers and Veterans have been entered into the registry".

17 July 06: The 3" 14th FA sew-on patch is now available. Print the order form on the QM page and get your order in.

16 July 06: I have had several folks ask me where they can get some of the pictures that were taken at the reunion. If anyone is willing to share their photos please leave a note on the Forum. That way folks can check there and find folks that will provide them photos. You folks that want photos, please check the Forum for resources.

15 July 06: Thanks to everyone that has sent me a disk with reunion photos. I have so many photos that I added a second reunion 2006 photo page. I still won't be able to get them all up. Probably have close to 600 photos, at this point. Will have to sort thru all these and attempt to get photos up that represent the majority of you all.
10 July 06: One hundred two 14th FA veterans and family members attended the reunion. With the active battalion participation the count was close to 150 folks. The 1-14FA Soldiers are so glad that they were able to participate in the reunion with the Vets. Thanks to ALL that participated.
07 July 06: The 3" sew-on Regimental patch has been reordered. The order form and QM page has been updated. Cost of the patch will be $3.00 each. Patches will be available around 20-21 July. Order off of QM page. The QM will also be coming up with red hats for those that want them.
06 July 06: We have received requests for the the 14th FA Regiment sew on patch that was passed out at the reunion. We gave away 100 of them and now the shelf is empty. We will order more and they should be available on the Quartermaster page in about two weeks. Cost will be determined when ordered, but will be inexpensive.

04 July 06: Are you checking the attic space and old closets for memorabilia to have put on display in the Regimental Room? Find it and share it with all.

28 June 06: Many thanks and a warm welcome to the new members: Life membership; Clem Smiley, Reggie Figueroa, Edward Bushik, and Jack Mutchler(upgrade from Tri Annual). Tri Annual Member; Wolfgang Fleischer(up grade from Annual). Annual; Steve Weishaar and Douglas Iserman.
28 June 06: I'm posting reunion photos on the "Reunion 2006" page and on "the Lady Warbonnets" page. It will take about 7-10 days to sort out and get posted. Enjoy.
26 June 06: Photos, photos and more photos were taken yesterday afternoon during the reunion. Once sorted out they will make it to the website and to hard print for those that want them. Yesterday's dinner and business meeting went well. During the business meeting the vote established that the next reunion will be in June 2008 at Killeen/Fort Hood, Texas. More news to follow.
25 June 06: Yesterday, the folks in attendance at the reunion had the opportunity to eat buffalo burgers. The event that was shared with the active duty Soldiers, turned out to be a big hit. Many great raves about the buffalo meat. The adventures continue today with some photo taking, a catered dinner and business meeting after dinner.
24 June 06: The reunion took us over to Ft Sill and a ceremony with the active battalion, tour of our Regimental Room, lunch with the active duty soldiers, and a tour of Ft Sill. By all accounts everyone had a great time. Look for many photos to appear on the website within the next 10 days.
23 June 06: The reunion got off to a good start yesterday with an Icebreaker/Mixer that allowed the 14th FA Vets to reunite and allowed them to meet the active duty soldiers of the 1st Battalion. It appeared that everyone had a great time. The adventure continues today.
20 June 06: New search posted on Buddy Search page.
18 June 06: Just now decided that you will come to the reunion! That's great but I cannot insure that there will be a meal available for you at the dinner on Sunday, 25 June. The meal order has been finalized and gone to the caterer. Bottom line, the cut-off has arrived & passed!!
15 June 06: The Homecoming/Anniversary Reunion begins in 7 days. If you have not committed yet but have thoughts on doing so---contact the reunion hotel to see if you can still get a room. It may be possible!
14 June 06: Names added to Buddy Search page. A Buddy is searching!
12 June 06:  A warm welcome and many thanks to our new life member, Sherman Loy, 6th Battalion.
03 June 06: NEWS FLASH: The reunion hotel has agreed to allow our room rates to continue until 8 June ---two weeks out from reunion start date. From now to 8 June you can still get a room at the advertised rate shown on the reunion page. THIS IS YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY.
02 June 06: A warm welcome and many thanks to our new life member, Mike Schwank, 6th Battalion.
01 June 06: Reunion month is here. In 21 days the celebration will begin. If you have not committed yet, there is still time to do so. Everything is better with a Warbonnet on it!
30 May 06: Many thanks to Gerald Mitchell, 6th Battalion, for his membership renewal.
29 May 06: Many thanks to Joe Moehrle, 2d Battalion, for his upgrade from three membership to life membership.
23 May 06: Twenty-nine days remaining until reunion time at Lawton/Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The City and the Post have been fore-warned of your arrival and are eagerly awaiting the Warbonnets!
20 May 06: We are 32 days away from the reunion. What's the weather in Lawton/Ft Sill? According to the National Weather Service, the average high temp during reunion week is 92* and the average low is 70*.  Dress accordingly. Remember, dress for the reunion is CASUAL.
15 May 06:  Photo of Robert & Nina Ramon on America's Heroes page.
09 May 06: The room block rate for the reunion expires on 1 June 06. As of then the hotel will not provide us any special room rates or block any rooms for our use. Anyone wanting a room after 1 June will pay the established hotel rate and rooms will be available on a first come, first serve basis to the general public. If any Warbonnets plan on attending, get your reservations before 1 June 2006.
01 May 06: Next month the brotherhood of Stonehurlers, Archers, Catapulters, Rocketeers, and Gunners will assemble in the Land of the Kiowa, Apache and Comanche {Lawton/Fort Sill} for the 90th Birthday Celebration of the 14th Field Artillery. EX HOC SIGNO VICTORIA
27 April 06: Welcome and many thanks to our newest Life Member; John Horalek, 6th Battalion.
27 April 06: Two new photos added on Steel Warriors page: The Steel Warriors in Iraq.
24 April 06: Many thanks and a warm welcome to our two new members: Kenneth Lee (Life Member) and David Termin (Tri Annual Member); both from the 6th Battalion.
23 April 06: As of today there  are 60 14th FA Vets, 33 spouses and 7 children/grandchildren, coming from 26 States to the June reunion. We are going to have one heck of a get - together!!
22 April 06: How many days left until the reunion begins? 60 days from today is the count. Not too late to sign up if you have not done so. Everything is better with a Warbonnet on it!
14 April 06: As of today 56 rooms in our reunion hotel have been reserved by Warbonnets attending the reunion. In addition, some that are attending are staying with friends, have their own RV, or have made their own lodging arrangements. All in all, a good size crowd will be on hand. In 8 more days the homecoming will only be 60 days away! See you in June.
03 April 06: When was the last time you were able to see your battery guidon and battalion colors? Come to the reunion and you will be able to reach out and touch both. The battalion colors of each battalion and their respective guidons are in our Regimental Room!
01 April 06: No April Fools Day message: The fact is there are only 81 days remaining until the  reunion begins. Reunion 2006 page has all the information!!
29 Mar 06: A warm welcome and many thanks to our newest member, Jose L. Gamez, 6th Bn.
28 Mar 06: The 5th Battalion has come back to life thanks to the photos provided by Harold Madden, a former commander of the 5th Battalion. Check out the 5th Battalion Reflections Page.

28 Mar 06: New search added on Buddy Search Page.
11 Mar 06: See the new page that has been added to the site. "Guns, Howitzers and Rockets."
10 Mar 06: TGIF: There are 14 Fridays left before the start of the Homecoming/90th Birthday reunion of the 14th FA Regiment. If you miss this one, the QM will be standing by to issue "crying towels" to wipe away the tears of regret!
04 Mar 06: New photo posted to reunion 2006 page.
01 Mar 06: Count them; 114 days left until the Homecoming Reunion begins!
26 Feb 06: Warbonnet Phil Crowley is part of a Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Riding Group. There is a link on the "Links Page" to his website.
16 Feb 06: Many thanks to Jerry Meek for his membership upgrade to Tri Annual.

Many thanks and a warm welcome to our newest Tri Annual member, Joseph Weedel, 6th Battalion.
15 Feb 06: New search added on Buddy Search page.
14 Feb 06: New search added on Buddy Search page.
11 Feb 06: Many thanks to Walt Smith, 6th Bn, for his membership renewal.
09 Feb 06: New photo posted on "Where We've Been" page. Find the 14th Artillery Crest!
08 Feb 06: New search added to "Buddy Search".
05 Feb 06: More photos from Ft Sill added to reunion 2006 page.
03 Feb 06: Many thanks and a warm welcome to our newest Life Member, John Carter, 6th Battalion.
03 Feb 06: Reunion Hotel News: As of today, for the time during our reunion, the hotel has 5 Kings and 1 double room remaining. Once those are gone only Suites remain. The hotel is letting us have the suites at a reduced rate of $88.00 per day plus tax.  The longer one waits to make a reservation, the less chance of getting a room that suits your needs, or getting a room at all!!
03 Feb 06: It's Friday again....and that means there are only 19 Fridays left before the Homecoming Reunion celebration begins!!
30 Jan 06: Photos of the active battalion's current NCO and Soldier of the Quarter, posted on the Steel Warriors page. Great Soldiers that have well earned the title of Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Quarter.
30 Jan 06: Monday. There are only 20 Mondays remaining until the Homecoming Reunion begins.
27 Jan 06: Way to go Warbonnets! 51 rooms now reserved for the Homecoming Reunion, and still growing.
23 Jan 06: Photos of Association officers posted on "officers/secretary" page. (half of them, anyway!)
21 Jan 06: New page added to site entitled America's Heroes.  Photos of Warbonnet family members/close friends that are serving in the war against terrorism, will be posted here. Send them in.
20 Jan 06: TGIF: Warbonnets everywhere, have a great weekend.
19 Jan 06: Many thanks to Richard Sciaroni, 6th Bn, for his membership renewal.
15 Jan 06: Still have not requested your Cold War Certificate? Go to the links page and click> tells you how to do it.

See new photo of Lawton/Ft Sill on Reunion 2006 page.
14 Jan 06: 158 days until the Homecoming reunion begins. Have some memorabilia from your days with the 14th FA, that you would like to put on permanent display? Bring it with you for placement in our Regimental room. New photos added to reunion page.
Fort Sill and III Corps Artillery links added to Links page
13 Jan 06: Friday 13th; Not an unlucky day. It's a Warbonnet day, as is everyday. Enjoy your coffee,have a great day and remember: EX HOC SIGNO VICTORIA!
12 Jan 06: An anonymous canine has left a message on the reunion page!
12 Jan 06: New search added to Buddy Search page.
09 Jan 06: New search added on Buddy Search page.
06 Jan 06: As of today our reunion hotel has a total of 34 rooms left, during our four days there; of those 6 are Kings and 1 double. Once those 7 are gone, the only remaining rooms are suites. The suites will be going at a higher rate than the prices stated on the reunion page; but we will get those at a discounted rate of $88.00 plus tax.

     The months of June & July are big Hotel months in Lawton, mainly due to all of the activity that takes place at Ft Sill then. If you are planning on attending the reunion and want to be in the same hotel, good advise is to get your reservation made prior to 1 May 2006!!
02 Jan 06: New page added to site. "Where we've Been". See the shoulder patches that the battalions of the 14th have worn. New photo on 6th Bn Reflections page that shows 1st Cav coin with Joujon-Roche' name.
01 Jan 06: Happy New Year Warbonnets. May good health and happiness be with you each day of this New Year.
2006 is the year of the Warbonnet Regiment. We are less than six months away from our Homecoming. It will be an exciting and memorable four days. Every man that wore the Warbonnet crest has made a contribution that goes beyond words. Join us in June for this assembly of Warriors.

30 Dec 05: New photo added of HHB, 2d Bn, added to 2d Bn Reflections page.
29 Dec 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to Allen Ham, 2d Battalion, for his membership.
25 Dec 05: Merry Christmas Warbonnets and to all Redlegs everywhere.

22 Dec 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to Bobby Hayes, 2d Battalion, for his Lifetime membership.
18 Dec 05: Many thanks to Phil Crowley, 6th Bn, for his membership renewal.
18 Dec 05: New links added to the 15th, 17th and 18th Field Artillery Regiments.
18 Dec 05: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. May family and friends surround you at this special time of year. Best wishes for the coming year and great success in all your endeavors. Many thanks for your past, current and future contributions to the Warbonnet Regiment.
15 Dec 05: New photo added to 6th Bn reflections: C Btry at FSB Athena, 1970. Does anyone recognize the men in the photo?
13 Dec 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to John Flynn, 6th Battalion, for his three year membership.
12 Dec 05: New search added to Buddy Search page.

Only 12 shopping days until Christmas. Check the "goodies" in the QM store!
10 Dec 05: Many thanks and warm welcome to Neal Fagan, 6th Battalion, for his Life Membership.
10 Dec 05: New search added on Buddy Search page.
08 Dec 05: New search added to Buddy Search page.
07 Dec 05: New photo added to 6th Bn reflections page. Warbonnet Charles Mitchell.
05 Dec 05: Great historical photo posted of fellow Warbonnets from 1924; On the 3d Bn Reflections Page. Welcome home!
02 Dec 05: Just updated roster of those folks signed up at the hotel for the reunion. 45 rooms now reserved. If you are planning on attending the reunion, don't wait too long to get your reservation in. We have over half of the hotel's existing rooms reserved at this point.......and we are not going to be the only folks looking for rooms next June!
01 Dec 05: Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Make sure you have a steaming Warbonnet Mug of coffee or cocoa set out for Santa for his yearly visit!
26 Nov 05: What is the Warbonnet 500 that is on the reunion schedule? That question has been asked numerous times. Answer: The Warbonnet 500 is a race of the disabled Warbonnets upon their scooters. This year the winner will receive a trophy for his "tire burning "achievement and bragging rights!
24 Nov 05: Happy Thanksgiving!
Colonels of the Regiment: If you were a battalion commander in the Regiment we want to take a photo of you during the reunion, to place in the Regimental Room, and dedicate a page on this website to "Colonels of the Regiment."
Battery Commanders in the Regiment: We want to get a photo of you as well, to place in the Regimental Room.
23 Nov 05: Many thanks to Charles C. Mitchell, 6th Battalion, for his upgrade from annual membership to Life Membership.
14 Nov 05: New photo on Warbonnet Moments page!
12 Nov 05: Updated roster of those that have registered at the reunion hotel, to include wives/family members attending.
11 Nov 05: The QM (Dennis) has gotten in a shipment of Warbonnet shirts. The inventory is on the QM Store page. You have 221 days to get into the proper uniform!!
11 Nov 05: Veterans Day; The Warbonnets Salute all Veterans on this day of remembrance.
10 Nov 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to Robert Mayfield, 6th Battalion, for his membership.
08 Nov 05: Attention Warbonnets: Do you have a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter,nephew, niece,cousin serving in Iraq or Afghanistan?  Send in a photo & a brief narrative to have posted on this website. After all, they are members of the Warbonnet family!
07 Nov 05: The reunion in June 2006 is only 226 days away: The first time in history where Veterans from all six battalions of the 14th Field Artillery(including active duty Soldiers of the 1st Battalion) will assemble to show their camaraderie. Satanta would be proud of us!
Added a link (on Links Page) to militarycity.com, which has a complete listing of casualties of Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom.
05 Nov 05: New photos on "Steel Warrior" page.
03 Nov 05: "Events" page name changed to "Warbonnet Moments".
02 Nov 05: John Eno, former commander of A Btry, 6 th Battalion was passing thru Lawton/Ft Sill today and had the privilege of showing him the Regimental Room. Photo on the Events page.
27 Oct 05: We are always looking for information on the Regiment's history and on those that served in it. Articles, personal remembrances, official records, photos, etc.. are important to telling the history of our Regiment. At some point in the near future, we would like to get a history buff signed on as the Regiment Historian, to help get our history in order. Any volunteers?
21 Oct 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to John King, 6th Battalion, for his membership.
21 Oct 05: Added a link, on the links page, to a pentagon web page that describes the Combat Action Badge.
17 Oct 05: Can a belt buckle lead to the whereabouts of an old 14th Artillery soldier? Check the Buddy Search page.

New photo on 6th Bn Reflections page.
16 Oct 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to Joe Tenhet, 2d and 6th Battalion, for his membership.
03 Oct 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to Joe Moehrle, 2d Battalion, for his membership.
01 Oct 05: Updated the battalion's Lineage and Honors with information provided by the U.S. Army Center for Military History
Everything is Better with a Warbonnet on it! It doesn't get any better than waking up to a Warbonnet mug of coffee!
29 Sep 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to Jon Schreyach,6th Battalion, for his membership.
27 Sep 05: Many thanks to Peter O'Rourke for his membership renewal.
24 Sep 05: Task Force Thunder. The Warbonnets are going to Texas. Some 750 soldiers from Ft Sill, part of which are soldiers from 1-14FA will be moving out this weekend to a staging area in Texas to carry out relief, recovery and rescue operations for hurricane Rita. The battalion will be taking over 100 wheeled vehicles to assist in the operation. We wish them God-speed in their mission.
23 Sep 05: 36 rooms reserved for the reunion as of today. If you haven't done so, better git it done! When we run out of rooms it will be a choice between shelter halfs and GP small tents!!!
20 Sep 05: New photo added to 2d Bn Reflections: Name added to Buddy Search page.
19 Sep 05: Flag/Veteran page has material added.
18 Sep 05:  Do you have some memorabilia from you battery or battalion that is hidden away and getting dusty? Want to put it on permanent display? Bring it with you to the reunion and have it placed in the Regimental Room for all to see. It can be done.
15 Sep 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to Edsel Heath for his membership.
15 Sep 05: Added photo of Ed Joujon-Roche to 6th Bn Reflections.
11 Sep 05: Your Flag: On navigation bar to the left.
06 Sep 05: Have not made your hotel reservation yet for the reunion? Check the reunion 2006 page for important information!
01 Sep 05: Photos on "Events" page of Steel Warrior soldiers departure ceremony.
01 Sep 05: The Association has made a $500 donation to the Salvation Army for the relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina. Individual donations to the humane organization of your choice are encouraged.
31 Aug 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to Louis Deibel, 6th Bn, for his membership.
28 Aug 05: How many previous battalion commanders will be at the reunion, to provide the opportunity to preserve history with a great photo?
28 Aug 05: Madeline Stansbery decreed to be an Honorary Member.
27 Aug 05: Photo/article added to 3d Battalion Reflections.
26 Aug 05: Many thanks to Cliff Stansbery for his upgrade to Life Membership.
25 Aug 05: Many thanks to Morris Newcomb for his upgrade to Life Membership.
19 Aug 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to Jesse Shoemaker, 6th Battalion, for his membership.
19 Aug 05: The hotel "reservations made" list is growing! (reunion page) The hotel has 84 rooms; reservations made to date has already taken up 25% of them. If you have not made that reservation yet---don't wait too long!
18 Aug 05: New name added to "Buddy Search" list.
17 Aug 05: Some changes to "events"  during reunion. Nothing drastic.
14 Aug 05: Many thanks to Hank Sanders for upgrading to Life Membership.
11 Aug 05: What a great day. It just has to be a Warbonnet day!!
09 Aug 05: Kelly Ream (Wife of Alan Ream(Deceased)), inducted as Honorary member of the Association.
09 Aug 05: A warm welcome and many thanks to Robert Rivas, 6th Battalion, for his membership.
04 Aug 05: Major General David Ralston (a former Warbonnet) assumed command of The United States Army Field Artillery Center and Fort Sill. See photos on the "Events" page.
03 Aug 05: Have received word of the passing of Warbonnet Alan Ream. He passed away of cancer on 29 July and will be buried 8 Aug in the Houston Memorial Military Cemetery. Contact Neal Fagan at neal.fagan@weatherford.com  Our sincere condolence to Alan's family and friends.
29 Jul 05: Proudly added Jo Daniels and Darlene Bendel to the active roster as Honorary members. Mother and sister respectively, of Thomas R. Daniels, C Btry, 6th Bn KIA..... See Photo of Thomas on the 6th Bn Reflections page.
29 Jul 05: Added persons being searched for on Buddy search page.
24 Jul 05: A warm welcome and many thanks to Mike Brummett, 6th Battalion, for his membership
23 Jul 05: Hotel rooms for the reunion: The only way we have to tell if we will need to block more rooms is by reservations made. Indications are that more rooms will have to be blocked for our use. That information is needed by the hotel early on. We are not going to be the only folks in town------ to make sure we have ample rooms---get those reservations in as soon as possible.
23 Jul 05: Photos added to 1st & 6th Bn Reflections.
21 Jul 05: USS Gordon has reappeared. On the 1st & 6th battalion reflections page!! Your welcome.
19 Jul 05: A warm welcome and many thanks to Jeannie Carvajal, who has been given Honorary Membership for her contributions and support of the association.
What a great day to be a Warbonnet--then again, everyday is a Warbonnet day!!
12 Jul 05:  Found a new site that is informative and all about cannon artillery. The Voice of  Freedom's Thunder, on the links page.

10 Jul 05: Many thanks to John Bowers and Charles Mitchell for their membership renewal.
07 July 05: See The Wall USA on the links page.
Corporal Lanyard has volunteered for Warbonnet duty!
04 July 05: Photos posted in " Bn Reflections" of 1st, 2d, 3d & 6th Bns.
01 July 05: This Association is one year old today. Much has been accomplished and much more is yet to be done. Our second year will continue to bring improvements towards the goal of preserving our history and  lending to the future.
To further Esprit and cohesion within the Association pictorial pages(reflections in time) for each of the six battalions is being added to the website. If you have some select photos that you would like to see on your battalion page, please forward by U.S. mail or Email. These photos can be from anytime frame, from any location that your battalion was stationed.(Photos of you, your section, your battery, your gun/howitzer, etc...) Please, do not send me an entire album--- 2-3 photos would be about right. (2-3 photos X 50-60 folks is a lot of pictures) With the photos, please provide adequate information concerning each photo.

26 June 05:  A warm welcome and many thanks to Larry Ruchti, 3d Battalion, for his membership.
23 June 05: The active duty soldiers of the Steel Warrior battalion will once again deploy to Iraq this coming Fall. These heroes will continue to set the standard for excellence. EX HOC SIGNO VICTORIA
20 June 05: A warm welcome and many thanks to the following for their membership:
John Lamerson, 6th battalion
Jack Mutchler, 1st Battalion
13 June 05: Life Member Oval Decals placed in  snail mail to Life Members. ANNUAL MEMBERS:  Approaching renewal time? Why not upgrade your membership before your current annual expires--it will save you a few bucks. See the details on the "Membership Application" page.
11 June 05:  Yes, vehicle passes for Ft Sill will be available at the reunion.  New photos added to reunion page.
The next issue of the Newsletter will be going out around the end of this month. Aimed primarily for the folks that do not have a PC. However, if you would like one, send the Secretary (Cliff) an Email & I bet he will be happy to send you one.
Clarence Marrs has put up some great photos on his site of their reunion and the Regimental Room dedication.   www.charliebattery1-14artillery.org   Click on 1-14 Steel Warriors and Reunion 2005.
04 June 05: A warm welcome and many thanks to the following for their membership:
Richard Metcalf, 6th Battalion
Charles "Mick" Odom, 6th Battalion
31 May 05: Reunion 2006 information is on the reunion page. Plan early- reserve early.
Names added to Buddy Search page.
30 May 05: Soldiers of the Steel Warrior battalion: Thank you for your service to the Nation. May God keep you safe and guide you through the difficult times ahead.
23 May 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to Wolfgang Fleischer, 6th Battalion, for his membership.
18 May 05:  Do you want the name of your spouse on the roster? If so, send name by email or by letter and it will be done.
13 May 05: Added  more photos of Regimental Room.
24 April 05:The 14th Field Artillery Regimental Room was dedicated with ceremony on 22 April 2005. The professionalism and pride displayed by the Soldiers of the "Steel Warrior" battalion is admirable. The battalion's support of construction of the Regimental Room and of the ceremony is much appreciated. First battalion and sixth battalion vets were present at the ceremony and dedication ; their presence made for a  truely memorable event.
The flags and guidons of all six battalions will be permanently displayed in the Regimental Room. If you are ever in the Ft Sill area make it a point to stop by the 1st Battalion and tour the room, sign the guest book and look through all the photographs and memorabilia. The 1st battalion leaders and soldiers will be more than happy to show you around.  See the Regt Room page. The local newspaper that covered the ceremony did a good write-up . I got my hands on 20 copies of the paper----have 13 left. If anyone wants the orginial write-up, send me an email & I'll be happy to mail you one. www.warbonnet14fa@sbcglobal.net     The ceremony was video taped & that is in the process of being transfered to disk. Want one? let me know.
04 May 05: Many thanks to Clarence Marrs, C Btry, 1st Battalion, for his upgrade to Life Membership.
04 May 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to the following for their membership.
Thomas Devin, C Btry, 1st Battalion
John Sartain, C Btry, 1st Battalion
27 April 05:Many thanks and a warm welcome to Thomas Verdel, 6th Battalion, for his membership.
19 April: A warm welcome to Homer Spaulding,  6th Battalion, for his membership.
14 Apr 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to Robert White, 6th Battalion, for his membership
14 April 05: What a great day to be a Warbonnet, then again, everyday is a Warbonnet day!
07 April 05: Membership rosters broken down into Active, Inactive and Associate rosters.
03 April 05: The battalion's Lineage and Honors added to the website.
10 April 05: Many thanks and a warm welcome to the following for their membership:
Marie Wubbena, 6th Battalion
Robert Nieman, 6th Battalion
John W. Harris, 6th Battalion
21 Mar 05: Have received questions/comments about the battalion's colors, guidons, etc.. What if the 1-14FA is deactivated, what happens to the all of this? Why not get it put into a permanent museum? The answer is: The Army activates and inactivates units as requirements change. DOD and Army regulations state that when an active Army unit is inactivated its property will be turned in for storage. If there are active battalions of the parent regiment on active duty, the lowest numbered battalion shall be the regimental headquarters and is authorized to maintain the property. If another battalion of the regiment is activated the regimental headquarters with the property must issue that property to the newly activated unit. If there are no active battalions, regulations require that the property be put into depot storage, where it will remain until the battalion (s) are reactivated.
Not a member? Click on over to the membership page. We really want you to help preserve the history.
20 Mar 05: Hey, all you cannon cockers from Germany that served in the 2d, 4th, & 6th battalion.  I know  the feeling; your experiences are many. We would be proud to have you sign-up and share those experiences. Help preserve the history!
15 Mar 05: Crest History page updated to reflect current history on the unit crest and our coat of arms.
02 Mar 05:The Secretary (Cliff) has just put together and published a newsletter that will go out in snail mail to all the folks without an email address. Scroll down to see a copy. Recommendations for items to appear in the newsletter are always welcome.
20 Mar 05: We are getting some positive feedback from the folks that were mailed the newsletter! The next issue will be even better
01 April 05: A warm welcome to Jerry Goos, A Btry, 6th Battalion, for his membership.
25 Mar 05: A warm welcome to  Bobby Holder, C Btry, 6th Battalion, for his membership.
23 Mar 05: A warm welcome to the following two new members:
Nick Hensley, C Btry, 6th Battalion
Ken Kruse, C btry, 6th Battalion
18 Mar 05: A warm welcome to the following  six new members:
Richard Schlimme, Svc Btry, 6th Battalion
Thomas Anderson, HSB, 6th Battalion
Al Feldman, HHB 6th Battalion
Jerry Meek, A Btry, 6th Battalion
Roger Stowe, HHSB, 1st Battalion
Tony DeAngelis, HHB, 6th Battalion, Membership Renewal
A Hearty welcome to Cliff Stansbery, C Btry ,1st  Battalion, for his membership.
A warm welcome to Hank Sanders, B Btry, 6th Battalion, for his membership.
A warm welcome to Clarence Marrs, C Btry, 1st Battalion, for his membership.
A warm welcome to David Laukat, Hq & Svc btry, 1st Battalion, for his membership.
A warm welcome to Gerald Mitchell,HHB, 6th Battalion, for his membership.
A warm welcome to James Smith, C Btry, 1st Battalion, for his membership.
A warm welcome to Jack Guenthner, HHB, 3d Battalion, (Steel On Call) for his membership.
A warm welcome to Andrew Pearson, HHB, 3d Battalion, (Steel on Call) for his membership.
A warm welcome to Duane Rodabaugh, D Btry, 4th Battalion, for his membership.
Many thanks to Bob Lund, 6th Battalion, for his upgrade from annual to Life membership.
A warm welcome to Ron Keown, B Btry,6th Battalion, for his membership.
Thinking about "upgrading" your membership? info on the membership page.
A warm welcome to Loren Lundquist, B & Svc Btry, 6th Battalion, for his membership.
Have you had your coffee out of a Regimental mug yet? Even the coffee is better with a Warbonnet on it!